Namur is the capital city of Namur and Wallonia Province, as mentioned at its wallonie namen. The city is located in three different areas, such as the Sambre and the Meuse rivers. This picturesque city has a population of just over one hundred million people and a long history. A significant part of the city’s economy is based on trade and fishing. So as soon as you consider a trip, Namur is the ideal choice for you. Here is a list of things to visit and enjoy in Namur.



The most prominent view is the citadel. It is now demilitarized and available to the people. The city of Namur has an eighteenth-century palace dedicated to St. Aubain. A bell tower (a bell tower is known as a bell tower containing some bells (or that was built to contain the bells), was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of the architectural manifestation of civil liberty emerging. Every year, during the Easter period, a beer festival is held here. Thanks to its location in the Ardennes heart, Namur is one of the main tourist destinations.

Attractions in Namur

Namur is considered the capital of the federal Wallonia region and has many areas appreciated by the population, including its casinos, impressive buildings, museums, schools, and film festivals. There are several sightseeing tours and only two or three river cruises to enjoy. The Archaeological Museum is housed in a 15th century Renaissance building on the beaches of Sambre. It was once a meat market, but today it houses many rooms from ancient, Celtic, Roman, and Frankish times.

The St Aubain’s Cathedral is a good illustration of Italian design, highlighting the light and scenic style of the Renaissance. The church was built around 1047 on the site of an earlier church. The first bell tower lived and is part of the present church. Many spiritual relics, sculptures, and golden plaques of the church are on display to the people. Among the building’s treasures are bejeweled crosses, reliquaries, chalices, and other exceptional creations decorated with hunting scenes and forest motifs.

The Citadel is located on the top of this hill overlooking the town. There is a twenty-five-minute torchlight tour leading through the underground caves under the building. It has built during Roman times and includes a museum, restaurants, cafes, and many more. It also has a torchlight tour that lasts forty-five minutes. Next, Jardins D’Annevoie is a beautiful ornamental garden with a fountain surrounding an 18th-century castle. This exceptional garden has no modern machinery and is a good example of 17th-century horticultural skills.

Events and Nature in Namur

Nature lovers, Christmas, power parties, and weddings are just some of the many great events that people can enjoy throughout the year in Namur. Guests can find out how to plan the best wedding and ensure that every detail is suitable for that magical moment. Discover cocktail dresses, lingerie, jewelry, and more at this annual exhibition celebrating the association’s craftsmanship.

The Citadel of Namur is open every day. It allows people to experience exactly what the citizens of this beautiful city might see if the fortress protected the many invaders’ region. Namur Christmas village is a holiday festival held every December through January. This festival celebrates the many aspects of Christmas and the construction of a winter wonderland. The Gold Silt Contest is a festival that allows locals to beat each other up. Participants stand on stilts, wear colorful costumes, and try to prove their ability to walk on stilts. Crowds of people can cheer up these participants while everyone is trying to prove their skills.