Favorite Attractions and Events to Visit and Enjoy in Namur, Belgium

Namur is the capital city of Namur and Wallonia Province, as mentioned at its wallonie namen. The city is located in three different areas, such as the Sambre and the Meuse rivers. This picturesque city has a population of just over one hundred million people and a long history. A significant part of the city’s economy is based on trade and fishing. So as soon as you consider a trip, Namur is the ideal choice for you. Here is a list of things to visit and enjoy in Namur.



The most prominent view is the citadel. It is now demilitarized and available to the people. The city of Namur has an eighteenth-century palace dedicated to St. Aubain. A bell tower (a bell tower is known as a bell tower containing some bells (or that was built to contain the bells), was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of the architectural manifestation of civil liberty emerging. Every year, during the Easter period, a beer festival is held …

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